Save with Microsoft 365 Family deal from Amazon UK

Amazon UK was offering Microsoft 365 Family at more than £25 less than the usual price for both new and renewing customers as part of their 2021 Prime Day deals. It’s still available more than a week later!

There are a few peculiarities about the offer, we’ll explain those below but the basics are:

  • Microsoft 365 Family (six users)
  • New or renew/extend existing plan
  • Regular price £79.99 inc VAT from Microsoft direct.
  • Amazon UK Prime Day special price was £52.95  or £45.99 Amazon Prime members.
    • That’s a saving of either £27.04  or 33% (see below about Amazon’s incorrect % discount)
    • Prime members save  £34 or 42% (also see below).
    • Tip: there’s usually an offer of a month’s free trial of Amazon Prime. You could take up that trial offer, buy at the cheaper Prime customers price then cancel the trial before the month is up.
  • No special conditions except it’s a Prime Day deal so it’ll disappear soon.
    UPDATE: the deal is still available at 7pm London time on Wednesday 7th July 2021. It’s now £58.98 (code with email and without offer) which is a little higher but still a good new/renew price.

As we said, there are few little tricks in this deal.

The default offer is the same price but includes three months of either McAfee or Norton security software for no extra cost.

Regular readers know what we think of third-party security software and these ‘foot in the door’ offers.  Our standard advice is to ignore this software since Windows 10 has quite adequate anti-virus and security included.

Our usual advice is to take a good offer for Microsoft 365 plus security software if the price is good for Microsoft 365 alone.  Just ignore the extra software.

In this case you don’t have to do that. Scroll down a little and you’ll see choices to take Microsoft 365 with McAfee or Norton or neither.

Choose ‘Without Offer’.  The price doesn’t change.

Retail Price?

The discounts we’ve shown above is based on the UK price for Microsoft 365 of £79.99 which hasn’t changed for some time.

So why is Amazon still giving the retail price as £87.99 ??? 

Despite that misquotation, the offer price is good.  Grab it while you can.

Note: we do NOT get affiliate commission from Amazon.

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