Why does smooth scrolling matter in Excel?

Excel is (finally!) fixing an annoying display problem with a change to smooth scrolling for large cells.

Display of worksheets has always been on a ‘snap to cell’ basis meaning you scroll down or across to see a full cell or row at a time.  That mostly makes sense for sheets with cells with one or two lines.

But it’s a problem for cells and rows with a large amount of wrapped text.  When the cell is taller than the window view, the bottom of the cell never appears on the screen.  It’s a similar problem with wide cells (merged) or columns,

Smooth Scrolling

Excel 365 for Windows is getting a fix for this with ‘smooth scrolling’ like this:

Source: Microsoft

Smooth Scrolling means you can scroll up/down/left/right and stop part way in a tall row or wide column.

According to Microsoft, scrolling is now better using mouse wheel or scroll bars.

This isn’t an easy change. Anything about on-screen display has ‘knock on’ effects to other  parts of Excel like resizing rows, comments, freezing panes and a lot more,

Who gets it?

Excel 365 for Windows smooth scrolling is now in Beta Channel or Current Channel (Preview) v2109 build14430.20000 and later.  If all goes well, it’ll roll out to public releases in the next few months,

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