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Action Pen is editing by drawing in Microsoft Word

The Ink Editor button in Word 365 has gone, replaced with the ‘Action Pen’ on the Draw tab in Word 365. Some of the ink gestures have quietly changed since the original release of the Action Pen.

The ‘Action Pen’ is now on right-side of the Draw tab | Drawing Tools.

The Word 365 for Windows Draw tab had an Ink Editor button which activated a series of gestures to let you edit a document using a digital ink pen. These gestures were quietly changed after the features original release.

Split and Join word gesture change

The original Action Pen / Ink Editor had different gestures for “Split a word” and “Join a word”

The old Split / Join a word ink gestures.

Now the two actions are simpler. A down stroke splits a word (adds a space). Up stroke will join (remove space)

New, revised, gestures for “Split a word” and “Join a word”.

At first the Action Pen was simply a new name for the existing Ink Editor features including Track Changes.

Now the ‘Action Pen’ drawing feature has spread to other Office programs like Excel 365, PowerPoint 365 and Outlook 365.

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