Complete Christmas emoji, fast find and copy

Need a Christmas emoji or symbol? Here’s a quick and searchable list of all the Xmas emoji for documents, sheets, slides, emails or messages that you can use or copy.

This list has all the Christmas related emoji we can think of, the broadest sense both secular and religious.

These emoji are supported (with different looks) on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

Some Christmas emoji on Apple macOS Ventura (above from Apple Color Emoji) and Windows 11 (below from Segoe UI emoji)

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Unicode value (hex)

The Unicode value column lets you enter the symbol in many places. It works in Word for Windows, type the value then press Alt + X to make the symbol appear. In other dialog boxes, such as Insert Symbol, use the Unicode value to jump straight to the emoji you want.

Copy / Paste

Select the symbol from the left column, right-click to Copy (or Ctrl+C) then paste into a document, sheet, slide or email.


Use the official Name to reliably find the emoji in the Windows Emoji Panel or macOS Character Viewer.

In modern Microsoft Office, there’s an automatic font substitution feature to ensure that a symbol appears properly. Word’s symbol substitution, the good and the bad In older versions of Office, you might need to select a font which has the emoji – for example Segoe UI Emoji.

Christmas emoji list

  • Use the Search box at right to find symbols by name.
  • Click column headings to sort.
EmojiNameUnicode (Alt+X)Other names / comments
πŸŽ…Father Christmas1f385Santa, Santa Claus, Xmas
🀢Mother Christmas1f936Mrs Santa, Mrs Claus, Ms Claus, Xmas
πŸŽ„Christmas Tree1f384Xmas
🦌Deer1f98cReindeer, Buck, Stag
β˜ƒSnowman2603Snowman with snow, snowflakes, Frosty
β›„Snowman Without Snow26c4Frosty
🎁Wrapped Present1f381Gift, Box, Ribbon
πŸ‘ΌBaby Angel1F47C
🌟Glowing Star1f31f
🌨Cloud With Snow1f328
πŸ””Bell1f514Ringer, Wedding, Liberty
🎢Multiple Musical Notes1f3b6Music
🎡Musical Note1f3b5Music
πŸ›Place Of Worship1f6d0Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Temple, Religion, Religious
✝Latin Cross271DCrucifix, Christian
🌽Ear Of Maize1f33dCorn, Food
🌰Chestnut1f330Acorn, Nut, Food
πŸ™Person With Folded Hands1f64fPray, Prayer, Namaste, Thank You, Thanks
πŸ—Poultry Leg1f357Turkey Leg, Drumstick, Chicken, Food
πŸ₯žPancakes1f95eHotcakes, CrΓͺpes
🍴Fork And Knife1f374Silverware, utensil, cutlery
πŸ₯„Spoon1f944Utensil, cutlery

Try the old Alt + X trick for Word and Outlook
Inserting Symbols is harder in Office for Mac
About Unicode, fonts and symbol codes
Word’s symbol substitution, the good and the bad

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