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Excel merge arrays into a single array with VBA

Until late 2022 an annoying omission from Excel and VBA was a simple way to combine or merge arrays into a single array. Here’s how to do it with VBA for older Excel releases.

Excel 365 for Windows and Mac now have HStack() and VStack() which will combine dynamic arrays or ranges. The VBA method is still needed for other Excel releases.

Combining arrays something we’ve needed to make NetworkDays() and NetworkDays_Intl() work properly in the real world with a combination of date arrays needed.

There are many merge array functions around the forums.  We’ve chosen this one from ‘Tom’  which merges two or more arrays at once.  All the arrays need to have the same dimension i.e  1 column, 2 column etc.

The full code is at the bottom of this page.

In Excel MergeArrays() UDF function works like this:

=MergeArrays(SEQUENCE(4,1,1,2.3),{23;45;67}, {783;1746;123})

with Range2Array() you can combine ranges with arrays into a single array.

=MergeArrays({23;45;67}, Range2Array(B4:B14))

All the array elements are combined in the order of the parameters.  There are Sort() SortBy() and Unique() functions that can handle management of the merged array.

Direct References

A problem we found with all the suggested merge array UDF’s is that direct references to arrays returned a #Value error in Excel 365 for Windows.

We could not figure out why. All the parameters are the same type.  Maybe an Excel bug but more likely some subtlety in VBA.  If you can shed light on this mystery, please let us know.

The workaround is to pass in the array wrapped around a ‘harmless’ array function like Sort().  That workaround is OK for our purposes with NetworkDays().


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Public Function MergeArrays(ParamArray Arrays() As Variant) As Variant

' merges multiple arrays into a single array.

' ParamArray is an array listing other arrays

' Thanks to 'Tom' via

    Dim i As Long, j As Long, cnter As Long, UBoundArr As Long, OldUBoundArray As Long

    Dim arr() As Variant


    For j = LBound(Arrays) To UBound(Arrays)

        UBoundArr = UBoundArr + UBound(Arrays(j), 1)

    Next j

    ReDim arr(1 To UBoundArr, 1 To 1)

    For j = LBound(Arrays) To UBound(Arrays)

        For i = LBound(Arrays(j)) To UBound(Arrays(j))

            arr(i + OldUBoundArray, 1) = Arrays(j)(i, 1)

        Next i

        OldUBoundArray = OldUBoundArray + UBound(Arrays(j), 1)

    Next j

    MergeArrays = arr

End Function

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