I Love … variations in Word or PowerPoint

Once you have the basic setup for the I ♥ or I Love … sign, the fun begins.  Making your own variations for a Word document or PowerPoint presentation.

Start by making your own I ♥ or I Love … sign based on the original I Love NY logo.

Font variations

Simply changing the font from Bold to Normal can enough for a different look.

Segoe UI Black (in Office for Windows & Mac) is a thick, solid font that works well.

Add more text

You’re not limited to three letters on the second line, though this is probably going too far.

Different Hearts

There are so many different heart symbols.  Just within Office, the Graphics tools gives plenty of scope for changing the flat, plain heart into something more interesting, see example above.  Graphics Tools | Graphics Effects | Shadow.

Just searching for ‘Heart Symbol’ licensed for reuse with modification shows hundreds of options.

Replace the heart

Change the heart to another symbol.

Here’s some Christmas variations, either secular or religious.

Christmas Cheer with Microsoft Office has many Xmas themed templates, images and more ….

Finally, a clever example seen at the excellent Durer exhibition, at the Albertina Museum in Vienna.  Using a silhouette of Durer’s famous Young Hare drawing

How the famous I ♥ Love NY logo was put together

Create your own I ♥ Love…. Signs in Word

I Love … variations in Word or PowerPoint