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Spice up Halloween with Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer makes it easy to create a unique and personal little graphic for Halloween.  Office Watch shows you how to use Designer for Halloween and some of the little tricks needed to make Designer work better.

It took only a few minutes to make this small, personalized, video/animation using Microsoft Designer.

The design can be sent using email, instant messaging, social media or printed out on a page or card (not the movement, obviously).

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Describe to Designer

Start Designer by describing a design and letting Microsoft AI system come up with suggestions e.g. “A Facebook post to wish Virgil a scary Halloween”.

As you can see, none of the designs are even the slightest bit Halloween-ish.

Note: “Facebook post” doesn’t mean the design has to be used on Facebook.

Use Suggested Prompt

Let’s try Designer’ suggested prompt which is more detailed. The results are better but only if you scroll down past the first few thumbnails.

It’s a peculiarity we noticed while writing Microsoft Designer: Straight Talk. Quite often the more relevant and interesting AI results aren’t immediately visible.  Scroll down to see everything on offer.

To continue we chose this Designer suggestion that includes some video, marked with the little video play icon at bottom left.

Easy Text Resizing

Text in Designer tends to be too small but that’s easy to fix.  Unlike Office apps, resizing a text block in Designer change the size of the text.  Grab one of the corners of a text block and drag to make the box smaller or larger.


As you drag an object around, guidelines will appear to center it either vertically or horizontally.  They are a simpler version of the Smart Guides in PowerPoint.

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