Make your first Two-dimensional PivotTable in Excel

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We started with a simple Excel PivotTable, now let’s move on to a multi-column or two dimensional PivotTables.  They aren’t a lot more complicated than a basic PivotTable, just add a few more fields.

We’ll start with the same sales list that we used for our PivotTables 101 article.  This time we’ll make a more useful PivotTable that shows more detail than a simple column.

Let’s start dragging the following fields to the different areas as shown in the figure below.

  • Sales into the Values area.
  • Country into the Rows area
  • Product fields into Columns area

The first three (Rows, Filters and Values) are the same as the ‘one-dimensional’ example.

What makes this a better ‘two-dimensional’ PivotTable is the addition of the ‘Columns’ .

Making a ‘2D’ Excel PivotTable just means there’s data fields in both the Rows and Columns elements.

That’s all you got to do. The difference is adding a field to the ‘Columns’ area in addition to Rows and Values.

Check out the following figure of the two-dimensional Pivot table:

The two-dimension version breaks up the sales by country and product.

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