Transparent images coming to Office for Windows

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Office Insiders have a new toy to play with …. making images transparent in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

This is available now for fast track insiders with version 1810, build 10910.20007 or later.

Pictures can be made transparent to reveal what’s behind in lower layers of the document, slide or worksheet.

The new option is on the Picture | Format | Adjust section.  There are some preset choices with a preview bar.

The picture is from a typical Peter Deegan breakfast …  the three C’s – Coffee, Croissant and Computer <g>.

Here’s the same slide with 65% transparency, revealing the text behind the image.

Format Picture pane

Choose Picture Transparency Options to open the Format Picture | Picture pane.  That will give you finer percentage adjustments than the presets.  Here’s the same breakfast picture transparent with a slide background.


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