How to clear all formatting in Office documents

Sometimes text formatting can get confusing in Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Publisher and OneNote.  There are several ways to clear the additional formatting and return to original settings.

The formatting styles in your text can be easily restored to their default settings by clearing all formatting. Users can waste a lot of time trying to change the formatting to match their own style. For example, if you copy text from another document, website or email – the pasted version will also include all formatting from the previous source.

Formatting can include underline, bold, subscript and superscript, italic, color, and more.  Use the Clear All Formatting button to revert to normal, unformatted text.  Strictly speaking, switching to the paragraph and character style settings only.

The Clear All Formatting button is situated in different areas of the Office 365 apps. Simply highlight the text you wish to unformat, and select the clear all formatting button.

Word, PowerPoint and Publisher

Go to Home | Font | Clear All Formatting

Word has more clear formatting options, see all your Clear Formatting options for Microsoft Word


It’s almost the same in OneNote, go to Home tab | Basic Text | Clear All Formatting


Go to Create New Email | Message tab| Basic Text Group | … | Clear Formatting

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