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Right-click menus now in Office for iPad

The Word, Excel and PowerPoint apps for iPad are getting right-click menus when there’s a external mouse or trackpad connected.

It’s a good move with more iPads being used with separate keyboard & mouse as a mini-PC.  Sadly the new menus aren’t all they could be.

Right-click (Microsoft calls a ‘secondary click’) on an image or text to see some context appropriate options.  This is the right-click menu for a picture.

Source: Microsoft

Office Watch for Apple

Or in Excel:

Source: Microsoft

Bigger and dumber

Right-click menus are a good move but unfortunately Microsoft has gone for quite large menus with few options. 

The result is just a few menu items, far fewer than on the Office desktop or even available in the Office mobile app.

Even stranger is the same feature but with a different name!

Right-click menus for an image.  Word for Windows (left) and Word for iPad (right).

Some of the differences are because the iPad apps don’t have all the features in the full desktop apps, such as ‘Size and Position’,

But there’s room for more options it there was less space between the menu items. Room for ‘Wrap Text’, Forward, Backwards and Reset.

Why does ‘Change Picture’ change name to ‘Replace’?  Consistency of labelling between Office apps should be a given because it makes life easier for users switching between desktop and mobile versions of Office.

The difference is more obvious on the Excel menu.

Right-click menu in Excel for Windows (left) and Excel for iPad (right).

Who gets it?

Office for iOS apps v2.47 (21022805) or later.  iPadOS 14 or later is required.

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