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Bring back the 90's with online WordArt

Make an image using the original Microsoft Office WordArt designs, courtesy of some clever web work by Mike McMillan. Or use the better WordArt that’s still available in modern Microsoft Word.

Does anyone miss the original WordArt from the 1990’s?  Now you can get it back recreates, with scary detail, the look of early Office including the WordArt gallery.

Pull down menus, a Start button in the corner and the dreaded Clippy to help you.

Choose a look, then enter text to see text in a way that was exciting back in the 1990’s. I know, hard to believe now.

You don’t get the color change options of the original WordArt but you can resize and rotate.

To get a copy for your own document, right-click on the image then choose “Copy Image”, “Save image as …” or the equivalent options in your browser.

WordArt in modern Microsoft Office

These days ‘WordArt’ is a lot more powerful.  Go to Insert | Text | WordArt to create a text box and use a Format ribbon of options our 1995 selves could only dream of.

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