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Check out the new look Microsoft Office on an iPhone

There are new look menus and toolbars coming to the iPhone Microsoft Office apps, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the all-in-one Microsoft 365 app. We’re not sure when you’ll see these changes because they are three months late!

Microsoft started talking about this ‘fast and fluent’ change in November 2022. Three months later and there’s still no sign of it!

We prefer to write about Office features that Office Watch can use ourselves and not rely on the biased explanations from Microsoft.  That especially applies to interface changes which Microsoft describes with lots of impressive sounding but meaningless phrases (see below).

But in this case, we’ve decided to show you what to expect when (and if) these interface changes appear, from Microsoft supplied images.

Source: Microsoft

“Cleaner, Simplified and Performant”

According to Microsoft, the new look is a ‘cleaner and simplified’ experience, which sounds great but means nothing.  Would they boast about the ‘messy and complicated’ experience?

The new menus are called ‘performant’ which sounds impressive until you lookup the word which just means “functioning well or as expected”. 

For Microsoft the main point of these changes is to make the menus comply with Microsoft’s “Fluent” interface design which may, or may not, be suitable for the small screens of iPhone or Android phones.

Practical Differences

For customers, there are no practical differences between the current interface and the new ‘Fluent’ look. 

The same features, just presented in a slightly different way.

There are rounded corners to the menus and toolbar buttons plus a different color scheme.

Source: Microsoft

Please try to contain your enthusiasm and see a doctor if excitement persists😁.

Source: Microsoft

Who gets it?

Back in November 2022, these changes were to appear in the iPhone apps for Word, Excel, PowerPoint and the Office/Microsoft 365 ‘all in one’  v2.67 build 22110700 or later.

The new look may appear on your iPhone at any time.

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