It’s not you .. it’s another Microsoft cloud breakdown

In the last few hours there’s been another major breakdown in Microsoft’s cloud services affecting Microsoft 365 mail hosting, and Teams among others. Sadly, the problems continue after Microsoft said they were ‘recovered’.

The problem started at about 7am UTC on Wednesday 25 Jan (overnight Tues into Wed in the US, early evening in Australia/NZ))

Microsoft says the problem was fixed just shy of three hours later (9:45am UTC) but later reports show that’s was not true with troubles continuing even five hours later (see below, “Troubles continue …”)

However, it was a networking (WAN) problem so it might take some time for the fix to spread through the Internet.  If you’re having trouble connecting to Microsoft’s systems today, try restarting the app (Outlook, Teams etc) to force a full reconnection.

Troubles continue later in the day …

Microsoft wonders why their Status reporting and especially the Twitter feed has so little credibility … here’s a topical example of how Redmond hides and obfuscates instead of being straight with their paying customers.

UPDATE: 2:30pm UTC Microsoft gave out what can only be described as a very mixed message to say nothing of being incomplete.

They lead with the good news “We’ve confirmed that the impacted services have recovered and remain stable.” which sounds great until you read the next sentence which admits “We’re investigating some potential impact to the Exchange Online Service.”. So the ‘impacted services’ have not fully recovered, let alone ‘remain stable’??

It’s a trick Microsoft has used before because it works! We just heard BBC Radio parrot the Microsoft spin down to using their terms ‘recovered’ and ‘stable’.

We had various reliable reports of problems continuing well after 3pm UTC when Microsoft was saying their services were ‘recovered’ and ‘stable’.

If you dig down to read the EX502694 notice, it admits that the ‘new’ problem is a continuation of the earlier breakdown “This issue was previously communicated under MO502273 and has been created to highlight ongoing investigations into potential residual impact within the Exchange Online service.

The related problem is apparently with login to Outlook on the web … a detail that should have been in the Microsoft 365 Status tweet.

Microsoft status notice EX502694, Last updated: January 25, 2023 2:38 PM UTC

Affected Services

According to Microsoft the affected services are:

-Microsoft Teams 

-Exchange Online 

-Outlook (???? see below)

-SharePoint Online 

-OneDrive for Business 

-Microsoft Graph 

-Power BI 

-Microsoft 365 admin portal 

-Microsoft Intune 

-Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, Identity and Endpoint.

Source: Microsoft status

“Outlook” is very unhelpful

The mention of just “Outlook” is VERY unhelpful because that single word means many things see Too many Microsoft Outlook’s – we explain them all

In this context it probably means “” mail hosting but could be misunderstood to mean Outlook desktop or mobile apps.

Too many Microsoft Outlook’s – we explain them all

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