OneTastic and OneCalendar essentials for OneNote

Over the past ten years, OneTastic and its early version, OneCalendar, have established themselves as vital tools for dedicated OneNote users.

These applications, developed as a passion project by Omer Atay from the OneNote product group, have proven especially beneficial for users who frequently record meeting notes across various sections of their notebooks.


A standout feature of OneCalendar is its capability to display a chronologically ordered list of edited OneNote pages.

Source: OneCalendar

By simply clicking on a link corresponding to a specific date, users can swiftly navigate to a particular page, regardless of its location within a notebook. Hovering over these links provides a sneak peek of the content on each page, streamlining the process of revisiting notes from previous meetings or sessions.


OneCalendar originated as an independent application from OneNote. Though users can still install it separately, it’s seamlessly integrated into the OneTastic suite, offering a comprehensive menu of functionalities.

OneTastic boasts an array of features, including a macro language designed to automate various OneNote tasks. Known as “Macroland,” this feature offers a rich repository of ready-to-use macros that introduce functions not native to OneNote, such as creating a table of contents or search and replace.

OneTastic appears on the Home tab with buttons to installed macros. Click Download Macros to see all available in “Macroland”.

While the free version of OneTastic provides users with basic macro functionalities, there are certain restrictions. For those looking to fully exploit its potential, commercial licensing options are available.

For anyone heavily invested in OneNote, exploring OneTastic is highly recommended, with the OneCalendar function standing out as a particularly invaluable tool. The suite’s macros can also be game-changers for collaborative tasks. And, given that it’s developed by a seasoned member of the OneNote engineering team, OneTastic is seen as an ideal solution to address some of OneNote’s missing functionalities without compromising its simplicity and user-friendly interface.


Download OneTastic and OneCalendar from

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