‘Suggestions’ appear to sell Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft continues to push Office users to store their documents on OneDrive with new promotional messages appearing inside Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Messages like these are appearing for Microsoft 365 customers who are saving documents on their computer, not OneDrive.

“MAKE THE MOST OF MICROSOFT 365 Take advantage of OneDrive storage”

“SHARE THIS DOCUMENT Work with others using OneDrive included with your subscription.”

There’s no way to stop these intrusions. All you can do is click the X on the far-right of the message bar to remove it.

This is just the latest in Microsoft’s relentless push to OneDrive. These ‘ads’ are especially galling since they are aimed at existing, paying customers.

Another unsubtle OneDrive hint is Microsoft’s insult to customers who won’t move to OneDrive by refusing to allow automatic saving of locally stored documents.

OneDrive is OK where appropriate for sharing documents with yourself or others.  It’s also useful for backups. However, those conveniences come with increased risk of privacy breaches either from hacks into your account or snooping from governments or other parties.

Microsoft seems hell-bent on getting their customers to put everything on OneDrive.  Perhaps they are hoping that people will fill their 1TB OneDrive quota then pay for more space?

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