Excel's case of the disappearing feature – Show Changes

For a short time, Microsoft hinted at an important improvement to Excel.  But this promise was quickly removed, leaving Excel customers hanging.

The feature is/was ‘Show Changes’ and would let you see a history of changes in an individual cell.  Show past values or formula in that cell.

“Excel can now show you the changes you made to the cells in your workbook, including the previous value of the cells,”

From Microsoft 365 Roadmap for ‘Show Changes’ in Excel

Show Changes was expected to appear in Previews as soon as February 2021.

But the whole entry in the Microsoft 365 Roadmap disappeared not long after it was added.  No explanation for removal.

We suspect ‘Show Changes’ will appear in Excel soon, thanks to Google.

Thanks Google!

We can probably thank Google for this new Excel feature.

Google Sheets now has a cell history feature.  Right-click on a cell then choose ‘Show edit history’.  Use the arrows to move through the changes to that cell.

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