How to Easily Create Numbered or Bullet list in Word without indents

Numbered or bullet lists don’t have to look the way Microsoft sets automatically here’s how to change them to suit your needs and style.

In Microsoft Word, it is simple to create a numbered or bullet list. Simply select your text | Home Tab | Paragraph Group| Select the Numbering or Bullets icon.

From there it will create your Numbered or Bullet list, but the list will automatically have a hanging indent, as shown below. This may be useful for most situations.

You can change the indents and ‘hang’ in many ways, perhaps like these two possibilities. Both have no ‘hang’ at all (the second line starts directly under the number). The first pair have a tab after the number, the second pair of items has just a space after the number.

The latter pair (no hang, space after number) is good when you’re trying to fit as much text as possible onto a page.

If you want to remove the indents, right-click and choose ‘Adjust List indents’.  But that can become tedious correcting this every time.

Instead, we recommend creating a custom list without indent.  That way, it’ll be all set-up and ready to go for future uses. The best way to configure a numbered or bullet list is to make a new list style rather than modifying an existing one.

Create a New List Style

Select Home Tab | Paragraph Group | Multilevel List Icon | Define New List Style

From there, you can select the name for the Custom List Style, configure the Font style including font, font size and colour.

Next, select Format in the bottom left corner | Numbering…

Under Position, adjust text indent to 0 cm | Select OK

You can also choose between the Numbering or Bullet Lists icon to apply this to your preferred style choice.

You can also apply individual formatting to each level, this way you can change the numbering style as well.

Once you’re happy with your Custom Style List, select OK. Your Custom List will be saved under the Multilevel List icon | List Styles

Once you hover over the list with your mouse, the name of your Custom List will appear.

You can also easily make any further changes to your custom list by right clicking on the list and selecting Modify.

Now when you apply your list style to any of your selected text, the hanging indent will no longer appear.

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