Like👍button now in Word Comments

Comments in Word documents can now have a quick response from others just by clicking a ‘Like’👍button.  Why just one button when other Microsoft apps have more?

Instead of writing a short reply adding to a Word comment thread, you can now just click a Like👍button on an existing comment or reply.

Each comment/reply has a Like button added to the top-right of the comment box. Click on the button to Like the comment or reply.  Click again to reverse the Like.

On the keyboard press Alt + F12 to jump to a comment, press Tab twice (not just once) to reach the Like icon then press Enter to toggle the Like button on/off.

For the moment it’s only in Word in a web browser but hopefully will extend to Word for Windows, Mac and others.  Presumably Excel and PowerPoint will also get the same feature.

Until that happens, you can add the Thumbs Up👍emoji in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

How many likes and from whom are listed under the thumbs up button.

Source: Microsoft plus our cropping

At the moment, other Word programs can’t ‘see’ the Like button, just the comment appears. Here’s the same liked comment from above, but open in Word 365 for Windows.

The Like feature will be expanded to other Office apps and platforms.

Some older documents with comments won’t have a Like button but newly created comments in the same doc will.

Why just a Like button?

Why are we only offered a ‘Like’👍button? A single option might have been acceptable a few years ago but these days, customers expect more quick response options.

As well as Like / Thumbs Up, there should also be Dislike/Thumbs Down at the very least.

Why isn’t Word consistent with Microsoft’s own Teams?  Teams has SIX quick response icons. Thumbs Up👍, Heart💓, Smiling Face😄, Wow😲, frown☹️ and angry😠. 

Microsoft Teams chat, quick response options.

We don’t understand why Teams doesn’t have a simple Thumbs Down 👎to match Like/Thumbs Up👍.  But at least there are more choices in Word.

Other apps like WhatsApp and Facebook have more quick response buttons, though neither have ‘Thumbs Down’.  Twitter has a single Like button but they are working on expanding the choices.

Thumbs Up👍emoji in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook
Thumbs Down👎emoji in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook

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