SketchUp 3D graphics now in Office

Microsoft has added SketchUp 3D graphics (.skp files) to the models inserted into Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

SketchUp is a 3D graphics program where you can create shareable designs such as architectural models and graphics used in industrial design, product design, and civil and mechanical engineering. SketchUp Free is available for everyone.

Adding Sketchup’s .skp format provides a wider range and greater flexibility of models to insert. 

3D models aren’t new to Office. There are several Office stock 3D models already available plus some other 3D file formats supports, we have a list below. 

Microsoft’s 3D push never got the customer interest that the company was hoping for.  Adding Sketchup files opens up many more possibilities that the MS proprietary system could not.

Previously, you would need to have a SketchUp viewer or similar software to view .skp files.  Now they can be inserted into slides, sheets or documents.

Inserting a SketchUp file into Office

We’ll show you how easy it is to insert a .skp file.  Insert | Illustrations | 3D Models | This Device

You can choose one or more .skp files then select Insert.

Source: Microsoft

Trying out a Sketchup model in Office

Now under the 3D model tab, you have the option to do a few things with your .skp file.

Use the mouse to rotate the model, as shown below, or select certain views under 3D Model Views in the ribbon.

Source: Microsoft

Go to Size | Pan & Zoom to be able to zoom into areas of interest within the model using your mouse.

Source: Microsoft

All Supported 3D formats

Office currently supports these formats.

  • Filmbox Format *.fbx
  • Object Format *.obj
  • 3D Manufacturing Format *.3mf
  • Polygon Format *.ply
  • StereoLithography Format *.stl
  • Binary GL Transmission Format *.glb

Once Sketchup *.skp files are supported, they’ll appear on this list at Insert | Illustrations | 3D Models.

Intel Macs only!

Amazingly this feature does NOT support Apple computers with M1 chips! Only the older Intel based machines. Hopefully Microsoft fixes that without too much delay.


This feature is being gradually rolled out to Office Insiders running Windows Version 2206 (Build 15321.1000) or later, or Mac Version 16.62 (Build 22052003) or later (Intel based Macs only).

Later in the year it’ll be available to Preview and Public releases.

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