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Outlook for Windows essential shortcuts

Fast access to important Outlook features. The ribbon in Outlook isn’t the only way to quickly get things done. There are many keyboard shortcuts that have been in Outlook (Windows) for many years and versions from at least Outlook 2010 to Microsoft 365.

Here are some keyboard shortcuts that are worth using with any version of Outlook.

Ctrl + N Creates a new item based on the folder you are in. If you’re at Inbox it will make a new message. In Calendar it’ll make a new appointment.

Ctrl + R Reply to the current message

Ctrl + Shift + R Reply to All for the current message

Ctrl + F Forward the message

Ctrl + Shift + M will start a new message regardless of the folder you are in.

Ctrl + Shift + A will start a new appointment regardless of the folder you are in.

Jump to Folder

Ctrl + 1 jump to Inbox

Ctrl + 2 jump to Calendar

Ctrl + 3 jump to Contacts

Ctrl + 4 jump to Tasks

Ctrl + 5 jump to Notes

These last shortcuts were on the ‘Go’ menu of Outlook 2007 and before. The same shortcuts work in Outlook 2010 and later even though the Go menu has gone.

Press Alt to explore the ribbon aka Keytips

Keytips is Microsoft’s name for the little labels that appear when you press the Alt key. They are reminders of the keyboard shortcuts available for each item on the ribbon. Here are the keytips for the Outlook Home tab (after pressing Alt then H)

Find out more at KeyTips are your way to faster Microsoft Office

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