Blood Type and Star Signs now in Outlook for Mac

One of the most curious feature additions is now in Outlook for Mac.  Each Contact can have their Blood Type and Star Sign included along with phone numbers, address etc.

These details and many more have always been possible in Outlook Contacts via custom fields.

In the latest Outlook for Mac preview the list of available fields has two new entries.

  • Astrological Sign
  • Blood Type

Both are text fields.  You can type in anything you like.

Presumably these options will eventually appear in other Outlook releases.


Did Microsoft get overwhelming demand from corporate customers for these details?  Some health related businesses might want to record Blood Type.  Do many organizations or individuals really need or want to save the blood type of their staff, associates or friends?

But star signs?  Really?  It’s not even necessary as a separate field because the star sign could be calculated from the birth date (another Outlook field).

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