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Moai 🗿 or stone statue emoji, 3D model and more in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook

Add the Easter Island stone statue (Moai/Moyai) 🗿 symbol, 3D model or photo into Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook.  Both in Office for Windows and Office for Mac.

Moai 🗿 symbol represents the famous stone statues of Easter Island. It can be used to show a deadpan, ‘straight face’ or ‘stone face’ (literally) expression.

The name is usually spelled as “Moai” in English but the Unicode official name is “Moyai”, probably from the emoji’s Japanese origin.

Our Editor-in-Chief has been to Easter Island four times, so he has many fond memories of Moai and he’s gone beyond just the emoji to include examples of 3D moai models and one of his own photos.

How Moai 🗿 looks in different fonts.

In Windows only Segoe UI Emoji and Segoe UI Symbol fonts have the Easter Island statue symbol.

The Apple mac version (Apple Color Emoji font) is more realistic.

Moyai 🗿 codes

These are the important code numbers or values you’ll need to enter the Moai or 🗿

Decimal:  128511  Hex:   1F5FF

Web: 🗿 or 🗿

(web codes aren’t used in Microsoft Office, we’ve included them for the sake of completeness.)

Word and Outlook

The Moai 🗿  sign does NOT have an inbuilt shortcut in Word.

Once in a document you can copy it to AutoCorrect and make your own shortcut.

Window 11/10 Emoji Panel

The Windows 11/10 Emoji Panel has the Moyai/Moai 🗿  character. Use Win + . (period/fullstop) to open the panel then search with either spelling.

See Emoji Panel is part of Windows 11/10 that totally sucks

MacOS and Office for Mac inserting characters

On a Mac, to enter the Moyai 🗿 symbol:

  • Command + Control + Spacebar shortcut to open the Character Viewer.  
  • Search for “Moai” , “Moyai “ or “Easter” and the Viewer will find the symbol you need.

3D Moai Models

Wikipedia has a 3D model of a Moai in .STL format that can be downloaded and inserted into an Office document. Like all 3D models, you can swivel them around to any position you like.  We recommend positioning the 3D model then taking a screenshot for regular use in the document or slide.

Here’s three examples of the same 3D model in different positions. The far-right one isn’t as ridiculous as it might seem, see the photo below.

There are better looking Moai 3D Models available like this one from Geoffrey Marchal.

Search for ‘Moai’ at

Moai photos

There are many Moai photos online, use Google Image Search to find them.  Here’s one from Peter Deegan taken at Rano Raraku, the so-called ‘nursery’ where Moai were carved from the mountainside.

Moai at sunrise – Rano Raraku, Easter Island. Photo: Peter Deegan

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