Why there’s now two font locations in Windows 10

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With the sale of fonts via the Microsoft Store, there’s now a complication in the familiar way fonts are managed in Windows 10 and how Office for Windows handles new fonts.

For as long as anyone can remember, all Windows fonts where in a single folder:  /Windows/Fonts 

But not anymore …

Fonts installed from the Microsoft Store are put into Windows in an entirely new method.

These fonts are placed in Program Files/WindowsApps/ a hidden folder.  If you have access rights, each font is in it’s own folder eg  C:\Program Files\WindowsApps\ Microsoft.GillSansNova_1.0.1.0_neutral__8wekyb3d8bbwe

It’s a new method that Microsoft Office hasn’t been updated to fully deal with.  Disconnects between Windows and Office aren’t new, sometimes it’s hard to believe that they are made by the same company.

This isn’t a nerdy technical point.  It makes a difference to how users manage their fonts and how programs work with fonts.

New fonts don’t appear in Office desktop or Mobile apps

For some years now, Office users have been accustomed to newly installed fonts appearing in Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc right away.  No need to restart the program as much older Office programs needed.

Now we’re back to the bad old days.  Fonts installed via the Microsoft Store don’t appear in Office for Windows programs or the Office Mobile apps until the program is restarted.

It seems Office for Windows and Office apps picks up changes to Windows/Fonts while running, but that’s all.

The fonts change to Windows 10 has been developed over many months, it’s a shame that Office wasn’t updated in advance of the Windows change.

Control Panel – Fonts

The familiar Control Panel has been the place to manage fonts. It’s still in Windows 10 but does NOT show any fonts from the Microsoft Store.  Georgia Pro is missing from this list, even though it’s installed on the computer.

That’s because the ‘old’ Control Panel system only looks in the Windows/Fonts folder.

The new Settings | Personalization | Fonts area in Windows 10 shows all fonts.  For example, Georgia (standard) and Georgia Pro (from Microsoft Store)

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