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It's official - Calibri beats Aptos in font poll

A recent poll commissioned by Microsoft confirms the widely held suspicion that people prefer the Calibri font over the new Aptos fonts pushed into Microsoft Office.

This comes from a Twitter/X poll run by the Microsoft run @Microsoft365 account.

The previous Office default font, Calibri, handily won the poll with 36.3% of the votes.

We’ve made side-by-side or slider comparison pages for both the body text defaults (Calibri vs Aptos) and heading text (Aptos Display vs Calibri Light).

Embarrassingly for Microsoft, their new-fangled Aptos range of fonts could only muster 22.2%, just ahead of long-standing fonts Arial and Times New Roman.

Microsoft might be disappointed with the result but we’re not at all surprised. People are often resistant to change and there’s also font compatibility issues with shared documents.

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